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Let’s talk Conscious - Explaining Otrium’s Conscious concept.

We’re on a journey to make fashion smarter, giving fashion-lovers the best possible online retail experience and making sure every item of clothing is worn. Going forward, we’ll be sharing more about our Conscious roadmap and responsible choices.

In the fashion industry, 12% of the garments that are produced stay unsold. 
Otrium’s purpose is: All Clothing Should Be Worn.
That’s why we’re tech-enabling designer brands to find an owner for every item they produce.
In this post, we’ll be sharing why being Conscious is important for us, what it means, and how you can follow our journey.
The definition of Conscious
For us, being Conscious is about being aware of our impact and finding solutions to do better. Whether that concerns our planet, people or animal welfare. We’re taking responsibility in two ways:
1. Driving positive change in the fashion industry by eradicating unsold seasonal inventory.
2. Continuously working to improve our own e-commerce practices.
Starting with the why
We recognise the fundamental contradiction between the current fashion industry, which thrives off newness and consumption, and being Conscious.Every single garment has an impact. Otrium wants to have a positive impact on the fashion industry by:
  1. Solving the excess inventory problem by becoming the leading marketplace for unsold inventory
  2. Reducing excess inventory levels in the fashion industry by data-enabling brands to take a demand-focused approach
  3. Refurbishing our own e-commerce returns in order to bring them back in shape and find these items a new owner too
  4. Helping our community make informed decisions by: Guiding them to find conscious brands easily, helping them to find the right items and size to minimise return and advising on garment care, so things last longer.
Follow our journey
Our commitment to being Conscious is an ongoing journey, taking both big and small steps in order to be a force for good. We want to be as transparent as possible and communicate our Conscious roadmap fully. We will update the renewed Conscious page on our platform regularly and publish a Conscious Report at the beginning of 2022, with our progress since 2020. Want to know more? Read our just-launched FAQs on Conscious here.
Our next step: Conscious brands at Otrium
Our next step will be a label and filter to highlight Conscious brands on our platform. We’re in the process of collaborating with a validated partner to rate the fashion brands in the areas of people, planet and animal welfare. We’re always on the lookout for Conscious brands so if there’s a brand you love for their sustainability credentials that you feel we should be featuring, please reach out to [email protected].
How you can help
Approximately 25% of a garment’s environmental footprint happens in the wearing and washing. So with our smart tips and tricks, you can maximise your wardrobe and be kinder to the planet.

"Our commitment to being Conscious is an ongoing journey, taking both big and small steps in order to be a force for good"

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