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The Otrium Story and why we want all clothing to be worn

When we started Otrium, we didn’t just want to create a company, we wanted to start a movement. We wanted every item of clothing produced to be worn.


Otrium pioneers Data-Made Fashion to eliminate unsold inventory in fashion

London, January 2022:
On our journey towards a smarter fashion industry, we’ve teamed up with Good On You – the leading source for fashion brand sustainability ratings. 
We see a future where all clothing is worn, by eliminating unsold inventory and changing the way clothing is created and sold. On this journey towards a smarter fashion industry, we’ve teamed up with Good On You – the leading source for fashion brand sustainability ratings – to highlight brands on our platform that go the extra mile to be more sustainable. We are looking to highlight brands in a positive way and help our customers make more informed choices.
As we wave goodbye to 2021, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank our brilliant members, partners, investors, and of course, the magnificent O-team. Thank you for helping us achieve so many amazing things this year and helping us charge forward in our mission of making sure that all clothing is worn.
We’re incredibly lucky that the O-team is made up of such a brilliant bunch of enterprising minds. Sure, we knew everyone was awesome at what they did day to day, but we wanted to give the Tech and Product team the chance to really let their imaginations run free on the challenge of actioning our purpose; making sure every item of clothing is worn. So, we hosted a hackathon! We threw down the gauntlet to the Tech and Product team worldwide, asking them to submit their innovative ideas for improved automation and efficiency; from upgrades to the app and enhancements to the platform, to fine-tuning the systems that we as a team use behind the scenes. And, the results were even more amazing than we expected. We had participants from 15 different countries bringing a whole host of forward-thinking concepts, which we whittled down to 9. Each participant then joined a team behind one of these concepts.
The fashion industry is trapped in a broken cycle because trends come and go at breakneck speed, creating stress and waste for brands, people, and natural resources. Fashion is such an important part of our lives
Otrium was founded with the purpose that
To reach our goal, we have a journey ahead of us. A journey we’d like our customers to be a part of. 2020 and 2021 may have been pretty unpredictable years, we’re glad to have made more progress than we had thought was possible. Making a positive impact however, is an ongoing journey, and we continue to improve over time. 
We’re on a journey to make fashion smarter, giving fashion-lovers the best possible online retail experience and making sure every item of clothing is worn. Going forward, we’ll be sharing more about our Conscious roadmap and responsible choices.

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