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A Conscious Spotlight: CLOSED

 From their eco-denim line to their commitment to organic cotton and responsible production practices, CLOSED demonstrates their dedication to a better fashion industry.

12 JULY 2023
To celebrate Otrium's 2022 Impact Report, we're shining the light on brands rated Conscious by Good on You. Through our collaboration with Good on You, a leading independent rating organization, we aim to empower our customers to shop responsibly. Good On You assess brands on three key areas, people, planet, and animal welfare. Together we've handpicked CLOSED, a brand that showcases its unwavering commitment to making an impact. 

Closed's Journey

In the world of fashion, CLOSED stands out for its commitment to both style and making an impact. Established in 1978 by Marithé and François Girbaud, this brand has captivated conscious fashion enthusiasts with its premium jeans crafted in Italy. With a unique blend of European heritage, French creativity, Italian craftsmanship, and German tradition, CLOSED proudly embraces its diverse cultural influences, infusing each and every one of its products with a touch of multicultural excellence.

Milestones and Practices

CLOSED's journey has been marked by remarkable achievements. A notable milestone occurred in 2018 when they introduced their eco-denim line, A BETTER BLUE. Since its inception, CLOSED has integrated ethical materials, gentle dyeing methods, and low-impact washing techniques into almost every pair of their jeans. The brand's commitment to environmental consciousness is evident at every step of the production process.
Recognizing the significance of sustainable sourcing, CLOSED has made the switch to organic cotton for the majority of their essential products. Moreover, they have prioritized responsible production practices by ensuring that almost 90% of their items are manufactured in Europe. Through longstanding partnerships with European manufacturers, CLOSED upholds values of trust, quality, and sustainability. This approach not only reduces transportation-related carbon emissions but also ensures compliance with stringent European environmental and labour regulations.

Looking Towards the Future

CLOSED's dedication to responsibility does not end with its current achievements. Over the next five years, the brand aims to elevate its conscious efforts even further by incorporating even more eco-friendly materials into their production processes. As proud members of the Fair Wear Foundation, CLOSED plans to diligently audit all production partners, ensuring the ethical treatment of workers and providing safe working conditions throughout their supply chain. For CLOSED, sustainability and fashion go hand in hand, as they strive to create long-lasting garments that transcend fleeting trends.

Our Partnership

To make a meaningful impact in the fashion industry, CLOSED has joined forces with Otrium, a platform that shares their vision of promoting enduring style and reducing waste. Otrium offers customers the opportunity to discover and enjoy CLOSED's timeless pieces, extending the lifespan of their garments and minimizing waste. The partnership aligns with CLOSED's belief in the longevity and quality of their products. Beyond the business aspect, CLOSED values the collaboration with the passionate individuals at Otrium, who share their dedication to making a difference in the fashion world.
CLOSED has proven that fashion can be both stylish and responsible. With their European heritage, creativity, and craftsmanship, they have created a brand that resonates with conscious consumers. From their eco-denim line to their commitment to organic cotton and responsible production practices, CLOSED demonstrates their dedication to a better fashion industry. By partnering with Otrium, they extend the lifecycle of their garments and provide an opportunity for conscious fashion enthusiasts to embrace timeless style while contributing to a more sustainable future. 

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Otrium's 2022 Impact Report has landed

Outlet fashion platform Otrium measures avoided carbon emissions and waste with carbon-calculating software VaayuExperience the report at undefinedOtrium, a purpose-driven fashion outlet platform, publishes a comprehensive analysis of the avoided carbon emissions and waste of modern off-price business models with the support of Vaayu, the climate tech start-up. Vaayu used its  proprietary AI and machine learning technology, alongside its team of in-house Life Cycle Assessment  experts, to gather  insights from over 45 fashion brands (both available on and off Otrium) and data from almost five million fashion products live on Otrium to calculate carbon at a granular science-based level. The research explores the broader role that modern outlet business models like Otrium can play in contributing to a more circular fashion industry by providing an alternative to waste streams for unsold stock. It represents a new contribution to understanding the end-of-life phase of fashion products as one of the largest data sets on unsold stock practices. In 2022, based on these calculations, Otrium prevented 6,496 tonnes of carbon emissions (CO₂e) and 104 tonnes of waste by providing fashion brands with a profitable solution to clear unsold inventory, compared to an alternative scenario in which off-price businesses like Otrium do not exist. That’s the equivalent of 2,219 round-trip flights between Amsterdam to NYC for one passenger (undefined) or throwing away 130,524 pairs of jeans (Vaayu database, undefined).Otrium partners with over 400 fashion brands like Filippa K, Mara Hoffman, Everlane, Outerknown and CLOSED to reach new consumers for every item of clothing produced and extend the life of their collections. Now, with the help of  Vaayu, Otrium has access to live carbon tracking at a product and brand level, enabling the business to monitor across transactions and use this data to drive real-time decision-making around impact. Envisioning a future where all clothing produced is worn, and no new clothing ends up in landfills, Otrium aims to empower its brand partners to take a more demand-focused approach to production and innovative ways to reach new consumers. Through data-sharing and customer insights, Otrium encourages more accurate forecasting. To support its five million members globally in making informed choices outside trend and seasonal models, Otrium is working with sustainable and ethical brand rating organisation, Good On You, which benchmarks the brands on Otrium based on their social and environmental impact. Otrium also revalues damaged items like returns, repairs them and feeds them back into the cycle.Says Co-Founder, Max Klijnstra, “We founded Otrium to play a part in reshaping how fashion is produced and ultimately sold. Our business model is a first step in solving the growing challenge of unsold inventory. As a next step, the results from our Otrium 2022 Impact Report  will inform and strengthen our sustainability strategy and climate targets. We will also use it to transparently communicate our progress with our community, brand partners and the fashion industry. At Otrium, we will be working steadily towards improving our impact one step at a time.” Says Marlot Kiveron, Head of Sustainability at Otrium, “Our ultimate goal is to have a net positive impact. This means giving back more than we take through our business model, and operations. Creating impact is constant. The goal of this report is to measure our progress and to stay accountable by sharing this externally. Understanding the impact of both our business model as well as our operations in real-time, helps us to accelerate positive change.”Says Namrata Sandhu,  Co-Founder and CEO of Vaayu, “We’re at an inflection point when it comes to the climate and new research shows that we’re currently not on track to keep global warming below 1.5C. Retailers have long been transitioning reactively; thinking about systems change and circularity, and wanting to truly understand and lower their impact. But Vaayu actually enables them to work proactively, by harnessing our generative AI and machine learning technology to calculate emissions in real-time, and then lowering them using these science-backed insights. Our work with Otrium is the first of its kind to investigate the carbon emission and waste saving potential of off-price business models.”To explore Otrium’s interactive 2022 Impact Report please click undefined.
Are you tired of sifting through fashion brands, trying to determine which ones are truly conscious? We get it. At Otrium, we aim to make it straightforward to shop conscious brands. Our goal is to provide transparency by showcasing brands' efforts toward improving their impact, and empowering you to make informed decisions. Here's the deal: we don't believe in perfection. There’s always room for improvement. However, we want to support brands that are doing better and show you what conscious fashion entails. That's why we've teamed up with Good On You, industry rating specialists who provide objective, third-party ratings. With their expertise, we can provide verified conscious ratings on our platform, making it easier for you to shop brands that best align with your values. You'll find ratings of 3 (It's a start), 4 (Good), or 5 (Great) from Good On You. We want to encourage brands to keep improving while empowering you to support the ones that are making a difference. What will you find?
As of March 2023, 53% of Otrium’s team is women – including half of our executive leadership. Our team is a vibrant mix of perspectives, passion, and diversity – spanning multiple continents and cultures. We're celebrating two themes that aim to empower women globally: The official 2023 International Women's Day goal to #EmbraceEquity and the United Nations' #DigitALL campaign that aims to foster innovation and technology for gender equality. Both themes highlight the need for inclusive and transformative technology and digital education – topics at the heart of Otrium. We aim not only to create a future where all clothing is worn, but also a future where equality is at the forefront and all people have access to the resources they need. Ultimately, we want a future where these statistics are no longer true:• Only 63 per cent of women are using the Internet in 2022 compared to 69 per cent of men (ITU, Nov22) • By 2050, 75% of jobs will be related to STEM areas. Yet today, women hold just 22% of positions in artificial intelligence, to name just one. (WEF Report) • A study of 51 countries revealed 38 per cent of women had personally experienced online violence. (2022 Gender Snapshot Report) We’re thrilled to spotlight some of the women making a difference at Otrium through technology, fashion, and beyond. A big THNAK YOU 👏🏻 to all 100+ women behind Otirum.