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Celebrating Otrium’s Power Women

For International's Women’s Day, we’re shining the spotlight on the women behind Otrium's technology – and sense of style.

8 MARCH 2023
As of March 2023, 53% of Otrium’s team is women – including half of our executive leadership. Our team is a vibrant mix of perspectives, passion, and diversity – spanning multiple continents and cultures. We're celebrating two themes that aim to empower women globally: The official 2023 International Women's Day goal to #EmbraceEquity and the United Nations' #DigitALL campaign that aims to foster innovation and technology for gender equality. Both themes highlight the need for inclusive and transformative technology and digital education – topics at the heart of Otrium. We aim not only to create a future where all clothing is worn, but also a future where equality is at the forefront and all people have access to the resources they need.
Ultimately, we want a future where these statistics are no longer true:
• Only 63 per cent of women are using the Internet in 2022 compared to 69 per cent of men (ITU, Nov22
• By 2050, 75% of jobs will be related to STEM areas. Yet today, women hold just 22% of positions in artificial intelligence, to name just one. (WEF Report
• A study of 51 countries revealed 38 per cent of women had personally experienced online violence. (2022 Gender Snapshot Report)
We’re thrilled to spotlight some of the women making a difference at Otrium through technology, fashion, and beyond. A big THNAK YOU 👏🏻 to all 100+ women behind Otirum.

Zuhairah, COO/President

💼 Role in a word: Leader
👌🏼 Making a change for women: Planned Parenthood
🛒 Your Otrium feed: Farm Rio, Reiss
😍 You admire: The courageous women in Iran
🙌🏾 The go-to emoji

Mariah, US General Manager

💼  Role in a word: Multitasking
👌🏼 Making a change for women: Children's Defense Fund
🛒  Your Otrium feed: Farm Rio, LSPACE , Mara Hoffman
😍 You admire: Serena Williams
🤝 Equality is: Freedom & opportunity to create the life you want
🫠 The go-to emoji

Marlot, Head of Sustainability

💼 Role in a word: Change
👌🏼 Making a change for women: Global Fund for Women
🛒 Your Otrium feed: Closed, Filippa K & newly-launched ECOALF
😍 You admire: Greta Thunberg for moving so many people at such a young age
🤝 Equality is: Equal opportunities & empowerment
💚 The go-to emoji

Nikki, Pricing Manager 

💼 Role in a word: Smart
👌🏼 Making a change for women: Justdiggit
🛒 Your Otrium feed: Designers remix
😍 You admire: Brene Brown
🤝 Equality is: Equality is balance: working all together to make the world a better place
😜 The go-to emoji

Kim, VP of Markets 

💼 Role in a word: Entrepreneurial
👌🏼 Making a change for women: Paid Leave For All
🛒 Your Otrium feed: Faherty, All Saints, Belstaff, Closed
😍 You admire: Ruth Bader Ginsburg
💪🏻 Equality is: That I am afforded the same rights and opportunities as anyone else - nothing more, nothing less
🔥 The go-to emoji

Gena, Business Development Manager

💼 Role in a word: Persistence
👌🏼 Making a change for women: Metavivor to find a cure for Metastatic Breast Cancer
🛒 Your Otrium feed: Farm Rio, Everlane, Paige, Hanky Panky
😍 You admire: Glennon Doyle for doing hard things
💪🏻 Equality is: When the goodness and effort one puts out into the world is equally reflected back
🤪 The go-to emoji

Isabella, Senior Visual Site Merchandiser

💼 Role in a word: Optimisation
👌🏼 Making a change for women: Women in Tech
🛒 Your Otrium feed: Daily Paper, Filippa K, Zoe Karssen
😍 You admire: Phoebe Philo
🏆 Equality is: Access to opportunities, treatment, and rights for all - regardless of race, gender, age, religion, or background – in a fair and just society with no favoritism
😊 The go-to emoji

Maria, Design Lead

🗂️ Role in a word: Design
💪🏻 Making a change for women:
🛍️ Your Otrium feed: Daily Paper
💌 You admire: Every woman
🤝 Equality is: Empathy
🔥 The go-to emoji

Natalie, Business Development Manager

💼 Role in a word: Dynamic
👌🏼 Making a change for women:The Representation Project
🛒 Your Otrium feed: Mara Hoffman, DVF, Farm Rio
😍 You admire: Reese Witherspoon
💪🏻 Equality is: Acknowledging that we don’t all start out on a level playing field, but with empathy and humility we can work towards fair treatment and opportunity for everyone
🥹 The go-to emoji

Joyce, Head of Merchandising

💼 Role in a word: Inventory-obsessed
👌🏼 Making a change for women: Plan International & United Nation Girls Education Initiative: access to education for all girls/children
🛒 Your Otrium feed: Closed, Filippa K, Lois, Kings of Indigo
😍 You admire: Ruth Bader Ginsburg
🤝 Equality is: Ensuring equal rights, freedom and opportunities
📈 The go-to emoji

Marissa, Director of Global Business Development

💼  Role in a word: Relationships
🛒  Your Otrium feed: Cynthia Rowley, Wolford, Closed, Who What Wear, Naadam
😍 You admire: Otrium’s investor Juliet de Baubigny - I feel so lucky to learn from her and how she approaches building a high-growth retail technology business.  I advise women to seek roles where your leadership will support and advocate for your growth.
💃🏼 The go-to emoji

Cecile, Brand Manager 

💼 Role in a word: Collaboration
👌🏼 Making a change for women: Bloody Good Period 
🛒 Your Otrium feed: Closed, Lois, Filippa K
😍 You admire: The Suffragettes
🤝 Equality is: Equal opportunity for all 
🙏 The go-to emoji

Colette, Senior People Business Partner

💼 Role in a word: Supporter
👌🏼 Making a change for women: Girls Not Brides
🛒 Your Otrium feed: CK, Aim’n, Scotch & Soda
😍 You admire: Dolly Parton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Edith Eger: all very powerful women who decided to succeed in life and to continue to believe in hope despite all the setbacks they encountered.
🤝 Equality is: Ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents.
🫠 The go-to emoji

Evva, Sales Enablement Lead

 🗂️ Role in a word: Enable!
🔦 Charity making a change: Amnesty International
🛍️ Your Otrium feed: LK Bennett
😍 You admire: Strong women (and men) who choose kindness and community.
🤝 Equality is: A close second to equity.
🤩 The go-to emoji

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Otrium Amps Up Leadership with Appointment of Zuhairah Scott Washington as President

Washington will lead global expansion of the brand into the U.S. Andrew Robb, the Farfetch’s former COO, to join boardAmsterdam, 15 June, 2021 - Otrium, the premier online outlet shopping experience, today announces the appointment of Zuhairah Scott Washington as President. Joining from Expedia Group, she brings her experience in navigating digital transformation and business model disruption to Otrium’s rapidly expanding end-to-end marketplace for fashion.
Otrium, the leading digital outlet transforming how consumers buy end-of-season fashion, debuts on Fast Company’s prestigious 2023 undefined after a year of explosive growth. Each year, the American magazine’s editors search the world for the perfect blend of the next generation of trailblazers and decade-defining disruptors. We’re solidifying our rising star status – joining the ranks of disruptors like Airbnb, Ralph Lauren, Apple & more.Otrium is changing how fashion is created and sold, challenging industry norms around overconsumption and overproduction. The outlet with a mission wants a future where every item of clothing produced is worn. Otrium empowers over 300 brands to responsibly sell excess inventory, connecting them to a community of five million consumers – and counting. Otrium has seen revenue jump of 1000% year over year and members grow at a speed of 500%. “The conversation around what to do with excess inventory in fashion has never been more timely or critical,” says Zuraihah Scott Washington, President and Chief Operating Officer. “Otrium is eliminating unsold inventory and changing the way fashion is created and sold. Through our mission to transform the end-of-season segment through technology, we’re flipping the traditional fashion industry model that relies heavily on seasonality, trend, physical retail, or stock buyers. With every item we sell, we divert textile waste away from countries like Ghana and Chile which often end up burned or in landfills.” Otrium’s free, members-only platform allows consumers to unlock exclusive access to high-quality brands like Belstaff, Mara Hoffman, APL, All Saints and Everlane for a fraction of the price – while educating consumers on the positive impact of their choices. “Our platform elevates the off-price experience for discerning brands and consumers alike,” says Washington. “Consumers want thoughtful solutions and options amidst increasing economic and climate uncertainty.” “57 percent of our community tell us they prioritize buying off-season instead of new off the rack,” elaborates Washington. “Otrium is enabling new consumer shopping experiences by offering what we like to call ‘second chance’  vs. second hand inventory seen in resale models.”  No item is left behind. Otrium ultimately connects its brand partners with preferred stock buyers and local charities for the small amount of pieces that can’t be sold through its consumer platform, optimizing a partner’s recovery value.“The ocean of possibility is blue – and we know Otrium is driving the change,” says Milan Daniels, co-founder, speaking from New York City. “While off-price fashion sales are still predominantly taking place offline, the market represents a $200 billion opportunity. By 2030, we expect our playground  to be worth as much as $480 billion  – and no new clothing in landfills.”In 2022 alone, Otrium matched over 5 million garments with new owners.
We’re on a journey to make fashion smarter, giving fashion-lovers the best possible online retail experience and making sure every item of clothing is worn. Going forward, we’ll be sharing more about our Conscious roadmap and responsible choices.In this post, we’ll be sharing why we’ve teamed up with Good On You, the leading reputable source for fashion brand sustainability ratings. Moreover, why highlighting Conscious brands is important for us, what it means, and where you can find these brands on our platform.Starting with the whyWorking with Good On You will enable us to highlight the brands that go the extra mile to be more sustainable. Good On You is the world’s leading source for fashion brand sustainability ratings. Its platform and tools are designed to inspire consumers to make more conscious shopping choices. Good On You is recognised for its work in assessing brands' impacts on both people and the planet. The ratings are based on publicly available information including industry standards, certifications and brands’ own reporting. For a brand to score well, it must be transparent about its progress. Good On You consults regularly with industry experts to keep its rating methodology up to date.The criteria of ConsciousIn order to pass through our Conscious filter, a brand must meet one or more of the below Conscious criteria. If a brand is not labelled as Conscious, it means it doesn’t meet these standards – which are deliberately high. Not all brands will be eligible. If a brand does not qualify, some of its individual products may still be able to.The Good On You system assesses brands policies and practices in the areas of people, planet and animal welfare. The ratings are publicly available information including industry standards, certifications and brands’ own reporting. Brands receive an overall rating as well as individual ratings in the categories people, planet and animal welfare.Overall rating: This means the average score of the three underlying categories below is rated to be conscious.People: Brands are assessed against their impact across the supply chain, which includes polices and practices on child labour, forced labour, worker safety, gender equality and payment of a living wage.Planet: This involves the brand’s usage of resources such as energy, carbon, water, chemicals and disposal, including any commitments to circular practices.Animal welfare: Brands are assessed against the use of animal products and their animal welfare policies. The use of materials like fur, angora and leather, as well as having policies around ‘mulesing-free’ wool* is all taken into consideration.  Find out more about the Good on You rating system undefined.Follow our journeyOur commitment to being Sustainable is an ongoing journey, taking both big and small steps in order to be a force for good. We want to be as transparent as possible and communicate our Conscious roadmap fully.We will update the renewed Conscious page on our platform regularly and publish a Sustainability Report at the beginning of 2022, with our progress since 2020.