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We're in business to sell all unsold clothing

We give end-of-season fashion a new start and help find a match for all clothing.
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Our Conscious approach

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Smarter for the industry

Lots of fashion stays unsold. For the resources that went in and for the people who miss out, it’s such a shame. We’re here to fix this, making sure all clothing is worn.

How we do it

Our app reimagines outlet shopping, helping customers easily find reduced-price gems which gives end-of-season fashion a new start.

Our commitment

Being conscious is an ongoing journey of big and small steps in order to have a positive impact.

Highlights of our journey

1. We refurbish – we fix items with small defects so they’re good enough to be sold and worn. 2. We reuse polybags and if we have to use a new one, it’s made out of recycled polyester.

Measure progress

The first step is quantifying our impact. We’re currently in the middle of undertaking a carbon footprint analysis and setting our targets. Stay tuned!

Conscious brands

We've teamed up with Good On You, the leading reputable source for fashion brand sustainability ratings. It is a positive way to highlight brands and encourage better practices.

What makes a brand conscious?

good on you®

Did you know?

Approximately, 25% of a garment’s environmental footprint happens in the wearing and washing. With our smart tips and tricks, you can maximize your wardrobe and be kinder to the planet.
Read our care guide.

Conscious brands

Björn Borg outlet
Up to 65% off
Arys outlet
Up to 65% off

Get to know more about Otrium and consciousness

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